Welcome to MHT-Crane

    MHT-Crane Company Limited was established in 2002. For more than 17 years, the company has operated the business of providing the products of hoists and cranes, spare parts, inspection work, testing, maintenance work. To other related tasks such as Consulting work Special product design

    Originally, the company was established for the purpose. Responding to the needs of customers who do not have any company to provide services such as preventive inspection Emergency maintenance work that requires speed Which is the gap between the company Large size that does not provide thorough service. And small companies that do not have expertise

    The company has a slogan to walk towards the goal as follows.

Leader of the inspection system

Service with understanding

Expert with experience

Aiming to train and develop personnel with ISO 17020 standard

With past experience, the company has progressed steadily and steadily. At present, the company has expanded the scope of work in order to cover the work of the hoists and cranes as follows.

  1. Hoist and crane safety inspection certificate, ปจ. 1 (according to the laws of Thailand)
  2. Hoist and crane preventive maintenance inspection. (P/M)
  3. Crane function load test. (according to the laws of Thailand)
  4. Hoist and crane operation training. (accordance to laws of Thailand) in-house & public
  5. Hoist products, brand SWF (From Germany) & THAC (From TAIWAN).
  6. Repair, maintenance service and spare parts for all brands.
  7. Hoist and crane improving, modernization.
  8. Lifting equipment, chain sling, wire rope sling, polyester sling and special design according to customer needs.
  9. Mobile aluminium work platform (Mobile lift) for the high-workstations.
  10. Survey, analysis and repair service runway beam & crane rails.

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With professionalism And adhere to the code of ethics of engineers

With professionalism And adhere to the code of ethics of engineersWith special expertise and responsibility

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Team staff
Have experience and create works for customers

Give confidence And ready to work until reaching the goal

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Crane design
Use program computer to help design and calculate

By designing to be the least costly, beautiful and compact, based on engineering principles


We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.